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Message Subject NOV 9TH TEST and......THIS?????
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
With the test thats going to happen... it jumped back into my mind what i had read years ago on a site.

Its a long read but you will find that most of what it says has come to pass and other parts are taking place now.

I read this more than a few years ago...

anyway...on tape 2 of this dialog at the very bottom is THIS statement about what will take place on a FRIDAY...

and with the financial crisis going on... IF they are gonna do anything with this test..it might be this

[link to www.sweetliberty.org]

From Tape 2:

One: The bringing in of the new system he said probably would occur on a weekend in the winter. Everything would shut down on Friday evening and Monday morning, when everybody wakened, there would be an announcement that the New System was in place. During the process in getting the United States ready for these changes everybody would be busier with less leisure time and less opportunity to really look about and see what was going on around them.

just a thought....
 Quoting: Lisa~Bee
sure could be something to it. a whole lot of pieces to this mystery. they are up to something, they have been. it seems like it may be time for it to all be pulled together. hard telling what or when.
i am strongly suspect the 9th date because there is just too much hype about it. maybe it's some kind of weird elito red herring. i know how dramatic they are.
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