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The Nobody And The End Of Days.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/01/2012 06:06 PM
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Re: The Nobody And The End Of Days.
why o why was this thread revived?angryface
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so that morons like could ask questions.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14589328
United States
05/01/2012 06:06 PM
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Re: The Nobody And The End Of Days.
The Nobody is One of The Last Two Holy Men On Earth.

This War is Larger Than One Can Possibly Fathom.

The Beast Is a Machine, A Template That Eats Universes.

(A Universe is a Clump of Archtype Spirits) but for Most

THE WORLD is The Truth, There is Only One Planet Earth.

Most People Have Never Seen It.

Many Kinds of Realities, It's usually All The Same


They Use Worlds Trapped Inside of MARKS or SEALS

Called XILTOLS. They Look Like Three 6's Joined

In The Shape of a Y.

Kingdom Come Is Nibiru, It's The Nothings Existence.

It Looks Like a Massive Blood Red Moon.

Galaxies are Real, But They are Just a Massive

AURA, Sphere of Influence or Presence

Worlds, Planets, Realms and Things Take Refuge inside

Of Them... So Many Kinds of Life...

The Milky Way is Veiled Reference To The Waters of Life

Or The Spirit... These Galaxies Will Join Togethor

For Safety, Usually It's an Archtype Spirit that Can

Generate Such a Massive Aura. There Are Many

Coming Here For The Last Days. (A Bunch togethor is a Universe)

And They are ALL Under Seige.

They Kill The Archtype, The Galaxy Dissappears,

They Then Send in Infernal Powers and Massive Star

Eating Entities (Stars are The Emenation from Peoples SOULS)

To Devour Or Cut off The Emenation to People

And Send in a XILTOL for The Worlds or Realms

And Move Them To The Beast where They Then Force

All The Spiritually Weakened People to Take a Mark

That Seals Them In Their Body after Losing Everything

They had Spiritually, They are Then Drained

Until All Thats Left is an Organic Portal

They Then Send Them Out to Conquer More.

If They Fail to Take a World, They just Turn

Off The Organic Portals, And You Get a Zombie Movie.

They Have Done This for Millions of Years.

Only a Few Places Have Held Out.

The Xiltols Then Make up The Body of The Beast.

And He Just Goes Around Devouring Universes.

But The Final Battle is Now Coming...

I Do Not Know Where You Are, Which World or In What

Galaxy... But They Are All Coming Togethor.

YHWH's Existence Is The Largest.

The Fist of The North Star Is His.

They Cannot Block Out The North Star

And It Melts The Veil They Put around Worlds

If You Can See That, Then Your Within Range.

Just Pray To Be Moved. Especially If They are Culling.

The Nobodies Are Usually on Earth,

The Xiltols Are Being Destroyed but There are Billions

Upon Billions Of Them.

When The North Star is Strong Enough

The Veils Or Nets Will be Destroyed and If You See

The Blood Red Moon, Then Kingdom Come

Is Close. Prepare For The End.
 Quoting: Dubious Panda

End of Days for TPTB.

the "mysterious" Nobody is Dr. Mensur Omerbashich but I don't think he'll admit it:

[link to sites.google.com]

The whole Nobody thing is about his discovery which kills Einstein and Newton theories and reveals the final truth about the Universe: [link to seismo.info] Hes also descendant of JC

Read about him and his discoveries, and then go watch the Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks. TPTB made this film about Dr.O, watch closely the film's ending, the JC descendant using planetary alignments to kill Newton theory...

btw the Church is trying to steal his discovery as we speak.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14589328