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A "Pay it Forward Society"

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United States
11/05/2011 02:07 PM
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A "Pay it Forward Society"
On December 21, 2012 we will become a "Pay-It-Forward" society. This means that we will abandon ownership, stop using currency, and reform the world governments so that the people of the world will become the governing body through a D.A.D. (Democratic Action Device) that everyone will have. We must put the Monopoly game away forever. We must spread this message to everyone everywhere to prepare for the change.

Our world has become a game of Monopoly where 99% of people do something necessary, which is work, in order to get something unnecessary, which is money, to trade it in for something that is necessary, which are the goods that we need to live. The 99% does all of the work, but for some reason we have to filter it through the 1% only to get a fraction of it back. To simplify, the 99% gathers the supplies for the pie, we bake the pie, then we give the whole pie to the 1% and they give us the crumbs or maybe a sliver of the pie to keep for ourselves. This has been the general experience of the 99% of people on this world for the past 8 millennia.

We are playing Monopoly with our lives and the 1% has already won the game, but that is not the worst part. We are trapped in this vicious cycle because we continue to participate and the biggest loser is our humanity. Playing Monopoly or lusting after “property” through ownership only cultivates the worst aspects in human behavior such as greed, envy, vanity, selfishness, fear, hate, corruption, and intolerance. We are so distracted with acquisition and infotainment that we have lost sight of what is important and what it means to be a human being. To be human means to be compassionate, empathetic, and sympathetic especially to those who are suffering.
This is not about politics or economics; this movement is about remembering how to be human. We have forgotten how to treat each other with respect and common decency. We have forgotten how to truly care for each other. But, most importantly we have forgotten how to be happy and how to spread that joy to others. We must give ourselves the opportunity to relearn these simple qualities and we owe ourselves that. Let’s not play the blame game; we’re all in this together. If we continue to fight amongst ourselves over petty things we may run out of time. We are causing the un-inhabitability of this beautiful planet and we are driving the human race, along with thousands of other innocent species who live here, into extinction. In our current state the planet would be better off without us.
Under our current system people are actually punished for showing good will towards others or for being a human being. People cannot give compassionately to others without sacrificing their own well being or jeopardizing their own security. The Monopoly system discourages people from sympathizing with others’ grief or suffering because people are usually without the means to help so they are forced to ignore the pain of others and become desensitized to their suffering.
The Occupy Movement has the momentum and the potential to change the world and how human beings interact on a fundamental level. It is a shimmering ray of hope for humanity in these dark times. We must not squander this opportunity and allow it to become some type of war. We don’t need to spread more war or anymore hate. What we must do is stop participating in this Monopoly game and give ourselves a chance to return to our roots. We must break this system down and rebuild it on a solid foundation.

Visit our channel often and lets make this happen!!!

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