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Could asteroid Yu55 affect women's menstrual cycles?

?GLP gals?
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United States
11/05/2011 10:59 PM
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Could asteroid Yu55 affect women's menstrual cycles?
Hello fellow women of GLP...

Men stay out unless you have something mature to contribute.

Is your menstrual cycle acting strange now? Especially if you're due soon?
I've always had a very regualar cycle, I'm young, 27...so no menopausal stuff going on, otherwise pretty healthy. Not sexually active, so no chance of pregnancy there.

But I'm due to start and I've just been spotting for 3 days straight. Usually it hits me full force on the first day or night and I should be on my way to being finished by now.

Very strange for me. I thought it was kinda coincidental with Yu55 passing so close and being so large here in a couple of days.

Is it possible with the large asteroid getting so close it could affect our cycles?

There's always been a mythical if not factual correlation between the moon and our cycle.
I thought maybe there could be a connection or effect from this asteroid passing between us and the moon.