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Subject Where Can I Find People Like This?
Poster Handle Reikara
Post Content
I'm trying to find more like me, except I think they're a fucking rare species. I'm looking to find some sort of community online to talk to people who have the same experiences as me but don't put all this retarded dogma shit into it.

I either voluntarily astral or sometimes I'm forced to, I talk with spirits and other races and etc but regard them as people (there's so much more to it). Beings that live on other planes/ dimensions are in no way intrinsically more special than incarnated humans, like I said, they're just people. I'm trying to find people who experience all this paranormal stuff but are fucking sane about it and don't insist on a certain religion or faith or insist we need to worship a certain being because of it.

I'm not a christian, atheist, Buddhist, unitarian universalist, agnostic, shaman, occultist, satanist, wiccan, new ager, jewish, mormon, muslim, taoist....

Nothing. I don't have a label for what I "believe" if you can call it that. I don't follow blind faith from a book I just experience shit and observe it. And from what I've observed any of those above only have a tiny piece of the puzzle and then rejects everything else that has happened to me.

Where can I find a group of people who have paranormal/ crazy experiences and don't slap it with a label or dogma? And please no new age forums.. been there and done that and they all think I'm an evil darkworker because I reject the notion that nothing can harm you if you're happy. It's bullshit... I'm a realist here. I want to talk to open minded and critical thinkers not a bunch of know it all preachers trying to convince me of something contrary to my own experiences.
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