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Message Subject Phase III (final) -The 3rd Shaking - Cygnus, Sirius, Arcturus, Chiron, Eleni, Aquila , Demeter, Capella (Kyrene), Monoceros
Poster Handle * Dawn *
Post Content
Good Morning Xen,

I have been wanting to talk to you about Kachina. I saw a thread several months ago talking about Kachina. In this particular thread the guy was adamant that Kachina (Red?) was coming and would somehow judge us and make changes (with a sword?).

I can't find that thread, but I noticed in one other of your threads that you mention Kachina......

Looking back, I feel that I was in Kachina's eye-sight on the evening of the earthquake I felt in no. California several weeks ago. The experience was quite surreal and significant for me.

Several days or a week later, a canine member of our group died and I feel that Kachina was involved...???..... I am thankful to Kachina as some others' cuts (cuts to our realities) may be more severe....?????

Further, I was compelled to sit down in meditation several days before the 11.11.11 energies. I felt Kachina wanted to communicate. Well communicate is not the right word. I'm from the field of law and basically I found the experience quite similar to giving testimony about those closest to me. It was real fast and after it was over, I asked, "what about me?" The memory of that experience that is still vivid is when it came to two persons quite close to me, I saw them turn into beautiful canines. I thought, "nooooo," and immediately felt assured it was okay. I felt badly as I want these persons very much to attain higher dimensions if that is their will.

What are your thoughts regarding this Xen?
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