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Message Subject Phase III (final) -The 3rd Shaking - Cygnus, Sirius, Arcturus, Chiron, Eleni, Aquila , Demeter, Capella (Kyrene), Monoceros
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hi OP!

Is there any significance with regard to Capella?

 Quoting: JustUs

Hi me, you and/or us!

yes, she's also shakin it!

thank you for your help :)

Pindar, Pythian Ode 9. 6 ff (trans. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :

Once as she battled with a fearsome lion, alone, without a spear, Apollon, far-shooting god of the broad quiver, came upon her; and straightway called from out his dwelling Kheiron and thus addressed him : `Son of Philyre, come from your holy cave, and marvel at a woman’s spirit and mighty vigour; with what undaunted mind she wages battle, a young maid with a heart that rides o’er every labour, and a spirit never shaken by the cold storms of fear. What mortal father begot this maid? And from what race of men has she been reft, to dwell within the dark dells of these clouded mountains? For her soul breeds a boundless wealth of valour. It is right to lay on her the touch of an ennobling hand, or even to pluck the flower of love, sweeter than honey?’
Then spoke the inspired Kentauros, gentle laughter gleaming beneath his kindly brows and of his wisdom made straightway this answer : `Secret, great Phoibos, are the keys of wise Persuasion (Peitho) to love’s true sanctities; both gods and men alike, in reverent modesty, are loth to taste in the open light of day the first sweet fruits of love. Yet thou, for whom even to savour falsehood is sacrilege, art led by they desire’s delight thus to dissemble. Dost thou ask, o king, of what race is the maiden? . . . Yet if I needs must rival my wisdom against thine, thus shall I speak : to this glade didst thou come to be a husband to this maid, with the intent to carry her far o’er the sea, to a choice garden of great Zeus. There thou shalt set her to rule o’er a city, and gather an island folk to be her people, where a high hill crowns the plain. And soon shall Libya, queen of spreading meadows, gladly welcome to her gold halls thy glorious bride; and forthwith will she freely give her, to be her own lawful domain, a portion of land yielding all manner of rich fruits, and beasts for the hunter’s chase.
`There shall she bear a son, whom glorious Hermes will take from his fond mother’s breast, and carry to the enthroned Horai and Mother Gaia; and they will gently nurse the babe upon their knees, and on his lips distil ambrosia and nectar, and shall ordain him an immortal being, a Zeus or holy Apollon, a joy to men who love him. And he shall ever be at hand to tend their flocks, Agreus (Hunter) his name to some, to others Nomios (Pasturer), and some will call him Aristaios.’
So Kheiron spoke and decreed for the god his bridal’s dear fulfilment. Swift is the act, and short thereto the paths when gods make speed to achieve an eager end. That day that very day saw the decision, and in a chamber of rich gold in Libya they lay together. There she is guardian of a city rich in beauty."

[link to www.theoi.com]
 Quoting: xen

And how! *giggles*

Thanks Xen!


~Lisa Marie~

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