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Message Subject Phase III (final) -The 3rd Shaking - Cygnus, Sirius, Arcturus, Chiron, Eleni, Aquila , Demeter, Capella (Kyrene), Monoceros
Poster Handle xen
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The uni- of unicorn derives from Latin and from the Indo-European root *oi-no- 'One, unique'. Derivatives: a¹, an¹, once, one; alone ('all one'), anon, atone, lone, lonely, none, uni-, union, unite, unit, unity, unanimous, unicorn, universe, onion, ace, any, unique, inch¹, ounce¹.

[Pokorny 3. D.

Amalthea was the she-goat which nourished Jupiter, hence its horn became proverbially used for nourishment and abundance. This modern constellation, Monoceros, is a likely a representation of the 'horn of plenty', the Cornucopia (cornu-copiae), that Zeus broke off his goat-nanny nurse, Amalthea, while playing with her as a baby; Amalthea, herself, was placed amongst the stars as Capra, the star Capella on the arm of the Constellation Auriga, the Charioteer. The position of the horn is not known. The writer of this webpage suggests that it might relate to this constellation, he says "... the sacred goat having broken off one of her horns, Amaltheia filled it with flowers and fruits and presented it to Zeus, who placed it together with the goat amongst the stars, although the one-horned goat was not identified with the Unicorn by the Greeks. ...". Ovid relates; "When he controlled the sky and sat on his fatherís throne ... Jove (Jupiter, Zeus), he made stars of the nurse and the nurseís fruitful horn, which bears even now its mistressí name." [Ovid, Fasti 5.111 1]

The unicorn (Latin unus 'one' and cornus 'horn') is a mythical beast depicted with the body of a horse and a spiral horn on its forehead. The unicorn's horn was said to have the property of being able to neutralize poisons (it reminds me of our modern antioxidants, particularly the carotenes; 'carrot' and 'horn' come from the same Indo-European root *ker-1 'Horn, head'). The picture of a Unicorn was the apothecaries' symbol. The powdered root of the 'unicorn horn' was believed to be a panacea for just about all illnesses.

[link to www.constellationsofwords.com]
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