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Derren Brown - The Experiments.

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United Kingdom
11/14/2011 01:55 PM
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Derren Brown - The Experiments.
Don't usually watch or recommend TV shows, but the new Derren Brown series is the shit. I figure GLPers will enjoy it. Check it out if you havn't.

Here's a brief summery of the series:

#1 In The Assassin, the first show in the series, Derren Brown investigates hypnosis and asks if someone could be hypnotised into killing a celebrity. Is this really possible? And who will be the celeb?

#2 Derren turns himself into the host of a gameshow and investigates whether we all have the capacity for evil and whether or not being part of a group affects our sense of right and wrong.

#3 Derren Brown investigates what it would take for someone to admit to a murder they didn't commit as an unwitting participant finds himself at the centre of a murder mystery.

#4 Derren asks what makes some people lucky and others attract only misfortune, planting a rumour about the lucky powers of a town's statue to see if it changes the lives of local residents.

This guy's on point!

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