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Message Subject GLPVC Presents *LUCUS*(The Destroyer, Nibiru, Denver Airport, etc) PODCASTS UP pg 8
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ill share what was taught to me by a Secret society

The time is now Folks, Hes here, and this conjunction, falls over DENVER, its why it will be the capital of the NWO,

My Mentors taught me about Denver


THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF APOLLYON THE MAN: !!!!!! And Nibiru the Destroyer King !!!!!! The Inner Mystery Now Revealed by an Initiate.

(Please read this with patience, and I will lead you into one of the Greatest Secrets)
There is a tale of a Second Sun, Niburu or Planet X that comes into our Solar Sytem and takes position behind our sun every 3,600 years. It is said that Niburu is already here or will be here in 2012 and is renowned to bring destruction, So what happened 3,600 years ago? Take the Shang Dynasty, they had very good astrologers, were noted comet enthusiasts and they recorded nothing.. Nor did any civilization record any cataclysmic event.


well thanks for that admission once again NO DENVER will not be the capital for the NWO after stasis. It will be the Global Headquarters however for JESUS. Nibiru is NOT a sun, is not here, and the 2nd sun is already created as I have covered ad nauseum Apollo. Nibiru was here 2000 years ago when "Jesus" was here which is partly behind the timing of his incarnation. NOTHING happened then when Nibiru was here regards any destruction and never has. It much smaller than Jupiter in fact and Jupiter doesn't do anything dangerous once every 13 months when its closest to us. or rather was, it camps as the 2nd son on the other side of the sun right now. Apollo you are working for thugs and I don't think you mean to be working for thugs but you are.

The energy thing in estes was NOT holy.
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