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Message Subject GLPVC Presents *LUCUS*(The Destroyer, Nibiru, Denver Airport, etc) PODCASTS UP pg 8
Poster Handle Astromut
Post Content
Oh, by the way, the Inuit were wrong too and the sun rising early in greenland was not due to the sun actually being out of place in the sky nor was it due to a "pole shift"... It was an effect of abnormal atmospheric refraction known as Novya Zemlya.
Thread: The sun is right where it should be in the sky!
Thread: There is no physical "pole shift." (Update: There is still no physical "pole shift.")
 Quoting: Astromut

"abnormal atmospheric refraction" <thats funny shit there"

astromut do you work for the government or collect checks from them? Most of your post makes me think that...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5481399

No I do not, and I do not know where you got that idea, except perhaps from a personal desire to believe nonsense and extreme delusions of government agents hounding people for such belief. In fact, I'm just an amateur astronomer who strangely enjoys making the observations and calculations that put these silly claims to the test. It's fun. Just like you seem to have fun believing government agents are being paid to attack the claims at hand, it's fun for me to debunk the claims with empirical evidence.
 Quoting: Astromut

No offense, but spoken like a true shill comes to mind.
 Quoting: THE Anonymous Coward!

The personal attacks are relentless tonight. Do you seriously think Trinity would let a "government shill" work on the GLP telescopes? I'm just an amateur astronomer, in fact, I'm an amateur astronomer who's doing everything he can to make live telescopic viewing of the sky as accessible to everyone here as possible.
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