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Message Subject Plutonium Found @ ALL 9 Test Stations Around Fukushima!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
it's clear to me that the people who run things caused this fukushima plant destruction. after all, look where it was built, and against a lot of protest from scientists and engineers. even the design was so bad that some of the people in on the project quit in protest. this can't be just a mistake, it's part of a plan. reduce the world's population, so they can have it all to themselves. i don't know if that's it but it wouldn't surprise me.
now in a year or two more people in Japan will be dieing in masse from cancer. this could easily happen in north america as well because of the flaky way they are running things, as concerns nuclear energy. the storage facilities are a joke, some of them, and for some reason they don't mind locating the plants in areas that are close to major faults.
all of this makes it hard to be enthusiastic about the future.
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