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Message Subject Plutonium Found @ ALL 9 Test Stations Around Fukushima!!!
Poster Handle SeenThaFiend
Post Content
I know this is a tiny story, but I found it interesting. The makers of a video game for PS3, GT5/Polyphony, moved their offices to Fukuoka. Basically about AS FAR SOUTH IN JAPAN AS YOU CAN GET! Amazing how the worst nuclear accident ever is not covered like it should be.

GTP: Could you explain why you decided to open Polyphony Digital’s new offices in Fukuoka and Tokyo? How is the company structured now?

KY: The answer is quite simple – it is because of the nuclear accident at Fukushima. After it happened, I calculated how much the radiation would spread, and it turned out there would be a significant amount of radiation in a 500 kilometer radius around Fukushima, which would lead to people having to leave Tokyo.

I had everyone with small kids or families move to Fukuoka. Considering all the different cities in the area, Fukuoka was a prime location.

[link to www.gtplanet.net]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
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