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Subject Drunk zoo visitor ends up in hospital after climbing into monkey enclosure 'to play'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
[link to www.dailymail.co.uk]

An amateur cameraman has captured the insane moment a drunk zoo visitor jumped into a monkey enclosure to 'play with them', and ended up with severe bite marks after the animals attacked.
Joao Leite Dos Santos, a mechanic in Sao Paulo, Brazil, admitted that he had been drinking alcohol when he went to the Sorocaba Zoo on Sunday.
Thinking that it would be fun to join the zoo's colony of spider monkeys, he climbed over a fence and swam across a dividing pool to get closer to the animals, as amused tourists looked on.

Almost immediately, one of the spider monkeys sank its sharp teach into Mr Dos Santos's wrist, while another bit his elbow and shoulder.

The monkeys are fiercely territorial and had been sizing Mr Dos Santos up from the moment he climbed over the fence.
Territorial: Spider monkeys, named for their long limbs and tail, can be very aggressive, especially when threatened
Realising the monkeys were not in a playful mood, and now in excruciating pain, Mr Dos Santos waded back towards the horrified onlookers and was dragged out of the water and over the enclosure fence.

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