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Message Subject TODAY IS 322- SKULL and BONES!!!!!
Poster Handle Komi
Post Content
November 18th = 322nd day of the year.

On 8/23, an earthquake hit DC...cracking the obelisk we know as the Washington Monument. (The VERY same day "The Event", a show depicting the destruction of the Washington Monument, was released on DVD!) I believe this was a message...a WARNING SHOT!

For when?

Well on that same day, the DOW Jones closes at 322.

Okay...that's pretty crazy...but even crazier is it closed on 322.11 !

This is a warning for November 18th, 2011!!!

It could be another EQ (HAARP) or it could be a false flag attack (there were rumors of nukes going off on 8/23 in underground bases, signalling internal conflict within the PTB or perhaps 'rogue' agents who have defected from the dark side.)
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