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Message Subject National Socialist Empire/USA/NATO = Fourth Reich
Poster Handle Sir William Randolph Hurst
Post Content
I have had enough of this anti-comradery with in our own continent. You people sit, bitch and complain about the government, meanwhile your brothers and sisters are out
there on the streets trying to make a change in this damn world. And you idiots spit on them and speak of them as if they are animals, or less.

These are human beings! They breath the same air, drink the same water, and share the same earth as we all do!

These people are out there getting beaten up, bloodied, harassed by the Pharo's Gestapo FOR US and all of humanity and you people say the most disgusting, foul, horse shit I have ever heard in my entire life.


You should be sticking up for your fellow human being. I'm completely disgusted at you people for saying such things about these innocent victims of the Fascist Corporate greed machine.

You people think you know absolutely everything. But its YOU people that are supporting the bankers and the rich elite that fuck the system in the first place.

And for the record, the government in the USA or Canada is not in any way related to Communism.

the Fascist 'Pharo' Obama is NOT a Communist and you people that have absolutely NO idea on what Communism is should actually educate yourselves MUCH MUCH more on the subject rather than throwing out that word at everything you're pissed off about. (Which is also a perfect banking elite tactic)

It's funny how people who don't even understand the ideology can just throw out the words, 'Commie this, commie that'.

Obama has done absolutely NOTHING related to Communism.

NOTHING! But what he HAS DONE is everything related to


You people need to learn the difference between socialist/Communism and National socialism.

Their is absolutely NOTHING Socialist about National Socialism!

This is how you people get completely confused. National Socialism is FAR-RIGHT Fascism.

Communist-Socialism is far Left. TWO COMPLETELY OPPOSING IDEOLOGIES.

So, where I'm coming to IS that ALL NATO countries are becoming NATIONAL SOCIALIST.

Which is what Hitler had. And the Roman Empire prior.
And perfectly explains why our protesters get beaten and bloodied for protesting about being hungry and against the rich.

Since only a FASCIST nation can beat poor people up because of protesting for being hungry goes to show you how North America is part of this new Empire. The Fourth Reich.

During World War 2 the Muslims were allies with the Nazi's.
There were Muslim Nazi SS Platoons.

During the breakup/civil war of Yugoslavia the MUSLIMS were being helped by Bill Clinton. NATO.

These Muslims were part of a Croatian Nazi military known as the Ustasa. Don't you find it kind of 'funny' how NATO-USA helped the Nazi sympathizers during the civil war?
The president of the Muslim military/country of Bosnia WHICH NATO LET IN AND APPROVED OF was Alija Izetbegovic.

He joined the Nazi Croatian Ustasa movement during WW2.
The President of Croatia that NATO and Bill Clinton helped to bring in was Franjo Tudman. He was also an openly admitted Nazi/Ustasa supporter.

So considering all of these Muslim/Nazi ties during world war 2, don't you people hear a bell ringing?

Yes, a very loud bell that is ringing of a MUSLIM/ISLAMIST uprising in the middle east, AND the president of the NATO-USA is a MUSLIM, OBAMA. George Bush, father and son who were both 'elected' presidents had family caught HELPING THE NAZIS. And this Fascist empire always allies itself with Muslims.

And the CIA finds out that there was a Muslim/Islamist behind the 'terror attacks' while BUSH was president.

There is some sort of ancient war going on that people arent aware of.

The Fourth Reich isn't about Germany or Nazis. It's all about Empire!
 Quoting: MG-42

Yeah, it's a shame but if you throw around terms such as state capitalism, national socialism, people here have no idea what they are... in the U.S there are two political styles, freedom and communism also two economic styles capitalism and communism, if someone says socialism they generally mean communism they just don't know the differenc and know that the word socialism is not as far left as communism so it's less likely to stir people up, if they are trying to stir people up they simply say communism
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