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Message Subject National Socialist Empire/USA/NATO = Fourth Reich
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Diffrent illusions, same way to compete. With enforcement. Foe for reason to discuss, brothers on the way to find truth by creating victory.

It doesn't depend in reality to whom or what army A stands for when it comes to the battle with army B who stands for the opposit or anything else.

If truth is to be found trough wage of war about a question, all known ideological systems are unified.

Not primarily ideas, the way to put them into praxis are therefore subject of critique. An here no news.

Good idea or bad idea, police and secret police will not ask first.

There is few hope, governments that we are used to are key to solve the problems they introduce.

As long we address our ideas of change to that procedure a government is capable to deal with, nothing will change.

For OWS I have empathy as for a cow on the way to the slaughterhouse, but doesn't really know that outcome.

I cross fingers that this will not happen. So, as I usually always do when something somewhere shows up still being alive.
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