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Message Subject STRIKING similarities between the 9/11 memorial at New York and the Islamic Kabaa at Mecca... and its connection to the DESTRUCTION OF BIG BEN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let me see , I saw this about hmmmmm four years back?
Or was it three?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5720901

Sorry OP, it was not that square memorial I saw.
This is indeed new. Good find OP!

Remember , it the same guy behind both Islam and 911: SATAN .

So its obvious what it is trying to do.
Once it gets the NWO , it won't need the cover of any cult , or church or organisation to settle in.

Post NWO, it will show its true face, and you will see executions, dissapearances, imprisonments, mental, biological and physical paralysis, and mutation done to humanity on a large scale, and nobody will be able to do anything.

THe Muslims will realise what happened, no Allah coming to rescue them, Mohammed to busy sucking camel dick, Jesus nowhere around.

This will go on until God himself/herself intervenes.

And that could take centuries, if not millenia.

Remember God has a lot of patience. Mwahahaha.

Thread: The DEMON behind the CULT ( ISLAM )
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