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Message Subject STRIKING similarities between the 9/11 memorial at New York and the Islamic Kabaa at Mecca... and its connection to the DESTRUCTION OF BIG BEN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The Twin Towers before Destruction:
[link to www.bobbyshred.com]

The 9/11 memorial site with the cubical structure at the centre with the names of all those who died. Bare in mind this overlooks the destroyed Twin Towers:
[link to 0.tqn.com]
Coordinates: 40.711641, -74.012253

The Kabaa at the Mecca overlooking the 2 towers of the Mosque in a cubical type quadrangle (this is the Holiest place in Islam by the way):
[link to www.secretsinplainsight.com]
Coordinates: 21.422542, 39.826139

Now compare the two:
[link to www.secretsinplainsight.com]

wtf INDEED...

And another thing:

Apple HQ at New York
[link to www.hyscience.com]

The Kabaa at Mecca, Saudi Arabia
[link to www.thepeoplescube.com]

 Quoting: ~^PropHeTic^~

As above so below. The twin tower memorial site was designed to be an inversion of Mecca. Now what that means energetically I am not so sure.
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