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Message Subject STRIKING similarities between the 9/11 memorial at New York and the Islamic Kabaa at Mecca... and its connection to the DESTRUCTION OF BIG BEN
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The new global society that is arriving will pay no special attention to religions as regards "superiority".

The fallen angels have their agenda, even if mortal humans don't realize it. This new global society will feature the new "spirituality", and it will replace the dominance of nation-state religions.

Christianity, Islam, nor Judaism will be allowed to maintain dominance. This new spirituality that is coming is total and complete worship of the fallen angels without the "fluff" of front-religions.

Sure, you will probably be allowed to practice your religion (maybe) but you won't be allowed to force your ideas on any other nation as your ancestors did in the past when they conquered other nations under the banner of their religions' symbols.

Religions are all the same to me. They are all just called different things. I mean really, just how different are the three major religions when you think about it? There may be some minute differences in certain details regarding attire, but for the most part they are basically the same. At any rate, welcome to the NWO.
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