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The brutal cold of the Maunder Minimum and the Great Irish Frost

Mad Pole
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11/26/2011 10:48 AM
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The brutal cold of the Maunder Minimum and the Great Irish Frost
An extraordinary climatic shock—the Great Frost—struck Ireland and the rest of Europe between December 1739 and September 1741, after a decade of relatively mild winters. Its cause remains unknown. Charting its course sharply illuminates the connectivity between climate change and famine, epidemic disease, economies, energy sources, and politics. David Dickson, author of Arctic Ireland (1997) provides keen insights into each of these areas, which may have application to human behaviors during similar future climatic shocks. The crisis of 1740-1741 should not be confused with the equally devastating Great Potato Famine in Ireland of the 1840s.

[link to joannenova.com.au]

Interesting little read
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