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Subject Apocalypse 2012 Back On? Second Mayan Inscription Uncovered!!
Poster Handle MAYA Doom!!
Post Content
Apocalypse 2012 Back On? Second Mayan Inscription Uncovered

Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History now says Mayan ruins show a second reference to the apocalypse occurring in 2012 but said that rumors of the world ending late next year were a Western misinterpretation.

On Thursday, the institute released a statement saying that the date of the apocalypse had been found on the carved or molded face of a brick at the Comalcalco ruin in the southern part of the country.

Most experts had previously said there was only one reference in Mayan glyphs, a stone tablet from the Tortuguero site in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco.

Arturo Mendez, an institute spokesman, said the fragment known as the Comalcalco Brick had been found years ago and studied thoroughly. It is not on display and is kept in storage.

[link to abcnews.go.com]
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