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Message Subject The Pillars of earth are controled by "GOD" "DJED PILLARS" "LIGHT OF GOD DENDERA"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your earth and all its weather,earth quakes on an on,are controled by these pillars,just as carved in stone.

And in those days beit these days in the blink of the eye.

The great giza pyrimad only a shadow that was left for mankind as the truth on how the true light of god works just as carved in stone,hieroglyphics,rosetta,is the holiest of the holiest text of this earth.

These pillars are carved in stone,djed pillars,light of god dendera,

For those days are these days,
 Quoting: Weather 6192582

A djed pillar is just a menorah with all the tubes cut off... you know the tubes that feed the oil to the flame.

So it is something that has no light ... it is dead... and leaky.

The great pyramid is there to keep something from escaping.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7051068

got to get the true light and see for yourself.its carved in stone in exact sequence.no stones yet around this force,you learn how weather and all things work around these pillars,just one tap on this force with a rod would shake the earth,its how all communications work,you see the wavy lines carved in stone.in technology of communications is waves,yet all waves of nature meet,this is were all waves start.the serpent force in the base of your spine is part of it,thats how you get ride of it,it turns into a ball,just like the egyption mina ball found by dixon some 4,500 years ago,

you can hold the rosetta stone and watch great mountain of god working,the stone becomes alive with movement so to speak.

many will reject the triangels of light from the universe as they coinside,stand firm for it is how the light of god works.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6192582

Would you like to go on Jerry Springer? I can arrange it. You and Diemon Dave would make a very informative show.

Just say the word and I'll tell you where to email.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7106616

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