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Message Subject The Pillars of earth are controled by "GOD" "DJED PILLARS" "LIGHT OF GOD DENDERA"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
couple more questions

regarding the staff i see this story with moses also within the emerald tablets.

did people/entities have metal rods with amazing abilities, describe what these were and how they worked
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7128936

on top of the staff is triangles,the real pole is wood a beaver made it,i know i felt it at the mount,i had already made a flag,the emerald tablets are holy holy holy,the place they call emerald mound is not were it is located,u can see great stones in place at emerald hills louisiana,were i played golf,the waters will soon go dry there.

in the palm of your hand is the letter a to a slant,its location of the mount,u see this in hieroglyphics.

when you get the true light of god the serpent force is released from the base of your spine,thats what turns into the egyptian mina ball,my aints name in mina.

thats how u get healed,its whats the true medical symbol stands for,yet just ask a doctor what it means on there stationary,they do not know,my doctor is related to barack oboma,hes from kenya,i like him better than the one from vietnam,i got the bow to the 13 arrows of the one dollar bill.its real old.

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