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Things to come.

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United States
12/08/2011 04:21 AM
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Things to come.
Things to come.
December, bring bulk of U.S. troops home.
Jan-Febuary European Union Collapses during one of the worst winters on record.
Civil Unrest erupts on a scale not yet seen in Europe since the Spartacus riots =)
Tensions rise in the U.S.
U.S. government bans public assembly(fails to enforce) then declares martial law.
The troops that where brought home are then deployed in ever major city as a standing police force which was made legal just last week without declaring martial law (imagine that)
FEMA has begun to staff their internment camps as of this month in preparation.
Also look at what bills that have been passed in haste the past couple weeks.
March, the United States economy topples over, the dollar losses so much value the price of food soars, can of soup cost $50.
On top of that with the world economy crippled imports and production stop all together. The stores are empty. People began to starve.
By the end of march the major cities will look like war zones, people killing each other over food and water. American troops abandon their post government looses control.
Country is throw into total Chaos.

Then......... ?