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Subject Do you have a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in your home?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This time of year there are many fires in homes. This week alone I have heard many stories of fires, some more locally and some in the national news. It is very sad.

If you have a smoke or carbon monoxide detector you need to check the batteries now to make sure it is functioning properly.

If you do not have any, please do get some, you need some in many rooms, such as near the fireplace/spaceheater, in the laundry room, near the stove, and in rooms upstairs.

It is ideal to actually have them in every room!

Please read instruction manuals because if you just stick it on the way in any old manner, it may not be the proper way to do it.

I hope by posting this I can help at least one person avoid tragedy.

I also hope that by posting this I can have you to tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends to tell their friends to tell their friends....

Well you get it.

Tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know!

Hopefully this helps a lot of people over time. You can be a part of it.
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