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A Holiday Greeting From The Lunatic Fringe

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 5201678
United States
12/12/2011 05:13 PM
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A Holiday Greeting From The Lunatic Fringe
The following is a Holiday Greeting Card from some nobody from the North Pole to be read as You place tongue firmly in cheek*

This year has been a busy one for us all here at the Asylum.

Anonymous Troll won the Tin foil hat toss back in January right after that He decided to create crop circle in South America, the Guatamalans are still trying to figure out WHAT caused that sink hole.
Wait- that was LAST Year.

Anyway, the heat this past summer was dreadful- I'm SURE HAARP is responsible. Meanwhile- we have all been enjoying a new tea imported from Japan. (I suspect it's causing My hair and teeth to fall out- jury is still out on that one)
And back in September Zombie Bunnies threatened to devour our Orchards until we called upon our Brothers from Venus who zapped them into the Sun, creating massive Solar flares that are still going on today.

Then in October we decided to throw a big party for some girl named Elinin- The bitch NEVER showed up.

We are expecting to have a blessed Christmas that includes; Scary Snowmen, Robot Santas, perverted TSA Employees, and a Partidge In a Pear Tree
I wish everyone a blessed Holiday season...
...Well, except our Alien overlords and their Illuminati brothers from the Galactic Federation of Heathens. But they probly don't read this forum anyway

Dr. I.M. K. Kringle Esquire