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Subject Indefinite detention formalised in USA
Poster Handle nexuseditor
Post Content
Indefinite detention formalised in US--and the world is a war

A bill that provides for indefinite detention of Americans within the United States and determines that the entire world is a battlefield on which the war on terror is being waged is now set to be signed into law in Washington.

The National Defence Authorisation Act of 2012 (NDAA), sponsored by Democrat Carl Levin and Republican John McCain, enables US military forces to collect and imprison anyone anywhere in the world and keep them confined within the US military system rather than have access to civilian courts (even the most stacked US Supreme Court of recent generations overturned the Bush Administration's military commissions). The provisions form part of a $US660 billion defence appropriation for 2012.


The indefinite perpetuation of the war on terror and its legal framework -- with ensuing benefits for security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies and defence industry companies -- despite the assassination of Osama bin Laden, repeated claims that al-Qaeda's leadership has been destroyed and the only domestic terror plots being those resourced and encouraged by the FBI, is the bipartisan policy within the centrist elements of both parties in the US.


As one senator observed in 2006: "... restricting somebody’s right to challenge their imprisonment indefinitely is not going to make us safer. In fact, recent evidence shows it is probably making us less safe."
Oh, that was another liberal Illinois senator, one Barack Obama.
Whatever happened to him?

Source: www.crikey.com.au
Subscriber Edition - December 16, 2012
Written by Bernard Keane, Canberra Correspondent
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