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Wastewater Well Triggered OHIO Quakes

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/03/2012 02:53 AM
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Wastewater Well Triggered OHIO Quakes
What's it gonna take to stop the freakin' frackin' already!!!??

After the latest and largest quake Saturday at 4.0 magnitude, state officials announced their beliefs that injecting wastewater near a fault line had created enough pressure to cause seismic activity. They said four inactive wells within a five-mile radius of the Youngstown well would remain closed. But they also stressed that injection wells are different from drilling wells that employ fracking.

Armbruster said Monday he expects more quakes will occur despite the shutdown of the Youngstown well.

"The earthquakes will trickle on as a kind of a cascading process once you've caused them to occur," he said. "This one year of pumping is a pulse that has been pushed into the ground, and it's going to be spreading out for at least a year."

Full article:

[link to www2.wsls.com]