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Message Subject I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What is/are their purpose(s)?
How toxic are they?
Do they breakdown or accumulate?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 802683

Purpose(s): Too many to count on ten fingers. It really depends on where they are going to be used. Many are calming agents. Others induce a state of haziness. Rarely, we were asked to develop mixtures to incite anger/rash behavior. 90% of what we worked on aimed to alter emotions/mood/state of mind.

Toxicity: In almost all cases, it was made very clear to us that what we were working on should have minimal toxicity. Naturally, a small percent of the population will have allergic tendencies to a chemical compound. But in some cases we even went as far as animal testing to ensure that the chemicals we were working on were relatively non-toxic. I never worked on a project where the intended result was toxic/fatal.

Breakdown/Accumulate: Varies a lot based on the chemical structure. Some of the mixtures we developed were intended to dissipate to concentrations as low as one part per billion by the time they reached ground level. Others were specifically designed to reach ground level and last for up to a year. Even after rain/wind/snow, etc.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6323246

This post, sorry OP but, your full of shit.

Mood altering is done with VERY LOW resonant frequencies. HAARP loads the EM field and the triangulated emitters on cell towers is the modulator and activator.

Any chemical dumping from aircraft is to suppress increase in ground radiation levels. After thousands of above ground test, then sudden cessation with dramatic increase in chemtrail reports.

The SUN is the force behind radiation, not atom decay. It is a reflection of the Suns primary output frequency. Which happens to be way higher then we can measure.

When the Sun's output increased, lingering radiation from above tests spiked.

The composition of the chemcloud blocks these primary rays with the help of HAARP. Thus, balances ground radiation.
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