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Message Subject Darpa Research: Pentagon Scientists Create 'Time Holes' To Hide Events As They Happen
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can do this at home, too. Look in the mirror. See the reflection? Now, cover the reflection with a towel. Move to another position before the mirror. Remove the towel. See. The reflection moved. But you didn't see it move on the mirror. Your reflection just magically appeared in another location - the 'time action' of you observing the reflection moving was blocked. You masked and hid your own reflected movement through time.

You can hide anything from those asleep 'in the reflected mirror', since they identify themselves as and with the reflection they see - or don't - when their 'vision' is blocked.

One doesn't need light to see...light is a reflection of seeing in the first place. Turn off the lights and you can still see. See?

DARPA is a bastion for blind children playing with towels....
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