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Without Habeuas Corpus Why do we Need Judges - Score! What a Money Saver

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01/06/2012 04:29 AM
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Without Habeuas Corpus Why do we Need Judges - Score! What a Money Saver
Obviously it would cost more to detain people than to pay a judge to their job.

But what goes hand in hand with suspension of habeous corpus besides martial law? A: Extreme consolidation of all branches of power under one leader (a potential recipe for disaster and of course when it happened with the Roman Empire, Casesar Augustus never relinqushed the power.

By the way - beware the Ides of March... Could be nothing but that time of year usually gets at least one mega news story and we are practically on pins and needles at GLP in anticipation of the catalyst to set off the powder keg that is continually priming themselves

South America vs. Falkland Islands and a UK fleet lead by nuclear subs

Kim Jong Un needs to make is dead pappy proud and pull some sort of asswhipe missile or naval drill to irk Japan, South Korea and the US. Beware China and their strategic eye to take out taiwan and firmly claim the south china sea in one swift move.

Of course Iran is being accused of all kinds of things we have heard before with Iraq so expect a more closer-hitting-to-home attack blamed on Iran.

Russia has had their advanced SAMs sitting in southern Georgia pointing the wrong way (at first westerners thought Russia was gearing up to screw with Georgia some more, but its now obvious they are covering the Norther route in case of an Israeli first strike.

If Saudi Arabia lets Israel flyover their airspace, and/or the other arab states their will be a new arab spring with more consequences this time. Remember the Sunni's are the puppet master minority with the Shiites already demanding the elimination of this oppresive system that is much worse that the former south african arparthtide.

Of course the financial mess needs to be brought to a head (these things wil happen in close succession) so the only question is whch comes first, the chick or the egg.

Regardless, Obama laid the first egg by signing a bill he ominously stated he would never implement under his administration. Honestly its practically a soap opera unfolding before our eyes and why this sounds like a crappy theatre production its using live ammo.

Good luck and god bless.

P.S. the most annoying thing about these police actions by the US is the fact that they first target the Central Banks of the Islamic countries... It is practically impossible to topple these banks as they are 100% funded (leverage is an extreme form of Usury) compared to the fractional reserve banking we toy with like crack addicts on wall street.