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Please Assess The Validity and Comment - THERE IS NO "MISSING LINK" TO BE FOUND

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01/08/2012 04:24 AM
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Please Assess The Validity and Comment - THERE IS NO "MISSING LINK" TO BE FOUND
There is no Missing Like that provides an evolutionary explanation for modern humanity to have

The statements I make are basd on documentaries inclluding Ancient Alidn that, The Pyramid Code,and other research material that indicates an early arriving alien race in need of gold for a purpose puported to save their atmosphere, but a smaller sect believes gold is the basis of everlasting life and infinite cerebral potential through nanogold particles that can be designed to attack any specific pathogen including cancerous cells AND viruses which for all viruses in exsistance THERE ARE NO CURES FOR ANY OF THEM!

The ingestion of colloidal gold which is technology acquired by ancient egyptians from the alierns and held in secret by the elite's most powerful that still live even afer 900 years or more.

Based on the foreword you probably can tell where I am going with this. The story of an alien race coming to Earth in search of Gold is not anything new. In fact there is nothing new about this idea other than the extrapolation of ideas into eachother and the seeming validation of the theories when placed chronologicaly.

When the aliens came to Earth, much like represented in themove Stargate (supposedly the stargate is under the Sphinx, which was actually Anubus but redesigned to fool the following generations, either by Napolean or the church much earlier and their massive destruciton of all art and especially the hacking away at faces). The base of the Great Pyramid is admitedly much older than the structure above. This appears to have been a landing pad either with a full/half/orsmall pyramid structure below, or as a simple level foundation like that at Baalbek (which has a prehistoric foundation but a relatively new (pre AD)temple crumbling on top of it. As you can see, this Philosophy of strong foundations used by Masons has its origins in hidden details that they kept for themselves.

The aliens needed a workforce and to pretty up the ugly ape women so they genetically engineered a dumbass monkey into the geniuses that are us by tweaking a little and adding that infamous 23rd chromosome which makes us scratch our heads like monkeys. The aliens had to go off to the store to pick up some milk but came back regularly to pick up gold from the associated gold bearign regions by parkign their ships on top of the associated pyramids they built (aztec alien ship was the short bus).

With the pyramids they built special devices within them to protect the workers from the brown dward that came by just often enough to recharge the core of the magnetic field in a process though that did one hell of a job causing the death of practically everything... well aliens don't like having to reengineer a workforce so they included those nice forms of protectionin the pyramids that would casue a forcefield like barrier in the ionosphere to block the earth from solar radiation and fry the place. Also, just in case, they included underground tunnels and ways of record keeping that would survive just about anything.

Some of you alrady know, but under the sphinx is one hell of a teleporter room, and connected to that is one of two passage ways, 1)one from the sphinx/anubis is supposed to be blocked now and rarely photographed is the entrance to the sphinx between its legs. You can't see the entrance, but you can see their is a massive and hyrogplphed stone in front of it. and 2) is the entrance that is supposed to be super tight and super long as you enter from about 7/8ths up the pyramid and zig zag in very old air down finally to a chamber you could call the library or even the library of Alexandria... The top of the Great Pyramid was Quartz and supposedly lit up. The library room was/is filled with unubtanium (yup) records that resemble our 45s. further into the passageway you find the underground transit system where you can move freely between pyramids.

The Egyptians razed corn/maze that gave them a lot of free time (which is the measuring stick of the advancement of societies). The good old Freemasons have a really old stalk of corn they can trace back to the time of a secret society of Plato and Socrates which was their symbol of that stupid land over on the other size of the ocean.

Well what happened to screw up the good time... Its not clear why, but a war broke out to remove the aliens that were interfering with "the prime directive" for lack of a better term which left an arrogant and purposely stupid (last thing you do is fully activate the brain of frankenstein). Well some of course remembered after 3600 years but the ruler of the most famous land couldn't be bothered to get his ass back up to the Northern Capital and activate the Great Pyramid. Akhenaten partied till the plagues where the egyptians saw a an odd sight in the sky, a baby planet get closer and closer and as it did it grew horns it seemed. This bastard started causing calamities and seemed to of chalanged the sun god in power. Things got so weird that the dumbass Aztecs started to power their pyramid with beating hearts... too bad they didn't keep beating. In Egypt Akhenaten said this "bull with horns" or what we call Moses is no God and that he would strike him down. As in the movie the ten comandements the ruler was asked repeatedly until finally he gave in and the entire population which was eating its own dead made a horrific trek north. Akhenaten declared that he had won about halfway up the nile but the people who survived were done with this dumbass (who invented one god, but it changed back soon after). Akhenaten circumed to cancer regardless of how much the people shaded him. His son Tutankamen was also irradiated and succumed to death from extremely brital bones.

The people who did survive lived close to cave systems. Dome of the rock is an entrace to a massive complex. Turkey's hills have condo like structures, under the vatican is a city that is practically modern but over 12000 years old. Under the Tower of London is a complex. Under Paris of course. Extensive cavework in Afghanistan (shocking huh). China ain't stupid, they took Tibet as it is the safest place anyone can think of. Antartica has a couple entrances that can or can't be scene. In the southwest Indians lived in cave systems on the south side of the grand canyon (the one with the myth of blue and red Kachinas) Funny how Catholics had the same myth until certain minds decided to destroy all Pre-renissance art. ESPECIALLY in the caves that were the salvation of people.

If you remember the Taliban were pissing off the West by destroying the last and secret areas as a protest to their rule of forcing opium production and paying them nothing for it... Think that we aren't capable of cruelty like that... look up how hong kong ended up a british territory.

Ever notice British Intelligence building is built in the form of a Ziggurat... why?


Wanna see one of the Jesuits that are masters of the world and is now over 500 years old? This is Montesquiu and he wrote the protocols of the learned elders of zion thought to be a Jewish conspiracy, but its not just the Jewish.


Wanna see the blue and red kachinas in Catholic Art? After the Renisance they used the two colors as the clothing they wore instead of balls of light in the sky. Republicans and Democrats can't figure out what color to stick to but its all they wear even if they wear the "wrong" color

Elenin Nibiru

And here is the death mask of good old Osama Bin Lade... oops, I mean Soron (lord of the rings... fiction?)


Hope you enjoyed. Questions/Comments?