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Message Subject Attorney General said Australian Whaling activists would face consequences for their actions
Poster Handle xen
Post Content
[link to www.canberratimes.com.au]

Australia's environment protection laws could be changed within weeks to require federal surveillance of Japan's whaling ships in the Southern Ocean.
We have whalers in world heritage areas and a Government that's run up the white flag.

But the Gillard Government has ruled out Senator Brown's proposal, saying a patrol vessel was sent to the Southern Ocean four years ago to gather evidence for Australia's application to the International Court of Justice against Japan's whaling fleet.

We don't need to do it again,'' Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said.

the gillard government including the attorney general are clearly war criminals. they are supporting the factions and are guilty of treason. this is australia, the anzac tradition is being spat on and it amazes me how they are getting away with this

accomplices can confess and they will be let off scott free. leaders will be let off lightly if they do the same


the hypocrisy of gillard and her sellout crews

[link to www.heraldsun.com.au]

PM leads battle to save our kids from vicious cowards

Launching a new anti-bullying website yesterday, Ms Gillard backed the Herald Sun's push to tackle the bullying scourge, describing it as "cowardly, damaging and antisocial".

It's time to stand up together against the bullies who can make life a misery for innocent people," she said.

"I encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences cyber bullying to report it immediately."

Tennis ace Sam Stosur said bullying should not be tolerated.

Sam Stosur is the only one speaking truth here

gillard has sold the soul of our nation and tried to feed our children to the wolves. it was a partial success but it is over. our children are now safe and our nation has regained its sovereignty

who is gillard working for???

we know

New Zealand are in the same boat as gillard

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