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Subject Dream Of Violent Volcano (When the Japan Tidal wave hit I had a dream also)
Poster Handle Seventhseal
Post Content
I never posted the dream about the terrible waters I dreamt back then because I felt like I would be wasting my time and that it was just a dream. Not this time I am going to post this. The dream was short just like the one I had about all the water rushing in when the tidal wave hit Japan. This dream was about the same except last time I made it out of the disater and on this dream I dont know if I did. I had a dream of smoke,so much smoke that was rushing down off what appeared to be a mountain.There was no fire just so much smoke and I felt that this time I was going to die. I was above the ground and I remenber saying the heat and ash was going to kill me because I was so close to the exploding moutain. I hope this does not come true. I was very skeptic about doing this post. Good Luck all. Date is 1/10/11
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