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Message Subject Dream Of Violent Volcano (When the Japan Tidal wave hit I had a dream also)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thread: Dream of a very big volcanic eruption

Ive had the same dream for over a week now.
 Quoting: Dreamer11

Interesting... last night was my 3rd dream of a major cataclysmic event occurring between Seattle down to Los Angeles and included the entire north american north-western region all the way to the midwest around Wyoming.

It was Definitely a cataclysmic Volcanic and Seismic event I was seeing and a Tsunami hitting entire western coastlines that puts much of california into a swampy mud land.

will this be due to the approaching JOVIAN MASS and alignments?

or something else such as Haarp and Nuke fracking by the illuminati controlled US military/government?

either way, doesn't look good for the USA this year
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

gasp ahhh
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