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Message Subject Suffering
Poster Handle AGAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Post Content
How the noble truth of Suffering appears to you?
 Quoting: Sabali

If there is a world filled with just one person suffering that world has Seperation and FEAR as it's underlying core belief which resonates collectively and manipulates all the sentient beings on the World it's infecting. It's a virulent teaching which has been reported. It's known on Salvington home of the Melchizedek Order. That is why I have been sent to correct your planet's wayward stroll just in time for dinner so to speak. Get ready for LOVE like YOU'VE NEVER FELT BEFORE!!!! HARSA HARSA HARSA "GREAT JOY" 2012 vote for LOVE!! Vote for "The One" who can show you the way home : ) Ariel Phoenix~ Prince of Peace
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