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Message Subject Antarctica and its Volcanism and Vostok
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They try to keep as quiet as they possibly can about Antarctica, and they've conditioned most of the population to forget it even exists for the most part.

Thread: Tell me what you know about Antarctica.

 Quoting: ForgottenMuse

It's big. Antarctica, by size, is larger than EUROPE.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1271289

Your contribution gave me the idea to Google 'interesting Antarctica facts'.

[link to www.coolantarctica.com]

- 1.4 times bigger than the USA, 58 times bigger than the UK

- Antarctica has 70% of all the world's freshwater frozen as ice - and 90% of all the world's ice.

- Antarctica was imagined by the ancient Greeks, but not even seen until 1820. (Imagined, MY ASS.)

[link to www.coolantarctica.com]

- Antarctica is the best place in the world to find meteorites. Dark meteorites show up against the white expanse of ice and snow and don't get covered by vegetation. In some places, the way the ice flows concentrates meteorites there. The ice makes them gather in one place. (No, there are a lot of meteorites there because it was hit by a huge meteor in the first place.)

-The cold and dry conditions in the "Dry Valleys" region of Antarctica are so close to those on Mars that NASA did testing there for the Viking mission. It has not rained in the dry valleys for at least 2 million years. (Look again to the huge Mars impact. [link to wapi.isu.edu] "The southern and northern hemispheres of Mars are so different that they are divided into separate geologic provinces. The southern hemisphere has many large, multi-ring craters and basins, and volcanic intercrater terrain, very similar to Mercury and the Earthís Moon. These craters were probably formed by intense bombardment early in the planetís history.")
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

[link to www.physics.wsu.edu]

"The northern and southern hemispheres of Mars are notably different, as is evident from the map of the surface of Mars constructed from observations made with the Mars Global Surveyor"

[link to www.dailygalaxy.com]

"The impact would have to be big enough to blast the crust off half of the planet, but not so big that it melts everything. We showed that you really can form the dichotomy that way,"
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

Maybe Mars' scar was really caused by a supervolcano the likes of which we can only imagine.

[link to www.electric-cosmos.org]
 Quoting: Mister Obvious

Thanks MO. thumbs
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