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Message Subject OMG Google Trends for STRANGE SOUNDS WAY WAY UP in the Past Week!
Poster Handle Snarf
Post Content
The videos I've watched have given me goosebumps like crazy. Luckily I haven't heard anything here yet (Phoenix) because that would flip my shit right out, honestly.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8769940

That's kinda my think. I would be flipping shit, pretty much like crying to and saying nonsensical things, at least at first. All these people seem pretty calm. Very bizarre....almost makes me skeptic...but idk...i'm just beginning to look into it.

the video of alberta spooked me, but those loggers seemed nearly unphased, just like, huh? i wundur wuts goin on?

of ALL those people, not one was like, "what the hell is this guys?...that sounds like <> man?!?!?! wtf dudes!!?!?!" or saying anything. everyone is pretty much deer in the headlights. shock? idk. like i said, bizarre.
 Quoting: Stark

The video from Alberta was a hoax. They used the same audio from the Russia noise. Still, the authentic videos freak me out.
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