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Message Subject OMG Google Trends for STRANGE SOUNDS WAY WAY UP in the Past Week!
Poster Handle wil b wuz
Post Content

If true, what can we do about it? And if we can't do anything, why worry about it?
 Quoting: Ohio Leopard

Well that is a matter of opinion and LOCATION.

Just a word to the wise... If you live within 5 miles of ANY coast, move away... Soon.
 Quoting: LUCUS

This is probably the only prudent move that anyone can make if they are concerned about their present location. All of the "where is the best place to move to" questions can only be answered with this one suggestion. I'd have to go one further and say not just 5 miles away but go at least 500 feet above sea level.
 Quoting: wil b wuz

I was being VERY modest with the five miles so not to sound fear mongering. I personally moved from 180 Miles from the coast to 800 miles away and an elevation of 6,700 feet.
 Quoting: LUCUS

I know where you live now. I have a place just south of you on the south side of the Spanish Peaks @ 8,000 ft. I can't be there right now because of circumstances.
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