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Message Subject An unlikely alliance has been formed - the parasites are extinct - the blue bell rings
Poster Handle Newbie Dreamer
Post Content
 Quoting: Newbie Dreamer

hey dreamer

any interesting dreams lately?

did you colour in that painting of the heart chakra tattoo or make any new ones?
 Quoting: Xenophon

Nothing new last pics in my thread. Now painting simple tree of life. With red flaming background.

Dreams hummm, met one alien wich was like shape shifter. Final face was like boy. Told me how they teach them. Gived me googles and i got injection of many information in one sec. but i dont understand and not remember it all but saw many many symbols going to my mind... But after that i knew him better. I remember first scene very good. Ivory colored metal craft landed. Doors opened. And i saw black things on the ground, looked like just born rats without eyes, covered with gel layer. they started to crawl and change. I walked away and saw ostrich running through :D Then i talked with this boy i knew he was one of them.
Later i left him and traveled through locations like normal dreams with many dream characters ;]

I dreamed one more interesting dream weeks before. Scene i remember very well was in castle yard. Drawing huge symbols on the sand with a stick (i made it magic stick before droped sand on it and said some words i dont remember..) Painting was huge about 10m wide circle with many many symbols inside. Very complex. At the same time i knew my mirrored me painting it in the other castle yard i saw far away. But this castle was brown (mine white) In the middle was forest on the hill, and part of forest was cut off like window (cube) just for other castle view. Then i finished this painting wind started blow sand, something like tornado. But it couldn't destroy symbol, it glowed a little bit. Later i remember i appeared in the garden full of flowers and beautiful trees. I spinned around, felt happy and full of joy.

Dreaming allot open air festivals with thousands of ppl. :))
Maby i want to party or i don't know meaning of it.

How are you? where you've been gone?

btw i back to my homeland today will see what will happen. This idea was in my agenda long time ago. Its like a path in my life i must follow. After few days ill move to my grandparents farm for few weeks. Will gather some honey :)
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