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Message Subject An unlikely alliance has been formed - the parasites are extinct - the blue bell rings
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Enter the Kookaburra!

The kookaburra is a large, Australian species of kingfisher. It is a carnivorous bird and has developed some fame as being a snake and lizard killer. Kookaburras are famous for their cackling call which sounds unmistakably like raucous laughter. Kookaburras are intelligent and quite social, and can become quite tame at picnic spots, accepting handouts from people.

Kookaburras mate for life, and both care for the young. Offspring are known to remain and help care for new families. A kookaburra's beak can reach 10cm in length. They are predated upon by foxes, cats and raptors.

The kookaburra encourages us to use laughter as a form of healing. It is time to turn your hurt into happiness, and the power of laughter is a great road to doing just that.

Kookaburra has a very powerful healing energy, and its presence in a reading or in your life can indicate a time when profound healing is occurring. This healing is not just happening to you, but to people around you, and creates a more healthful ripple effect that creates positive changes to come. Kookaburra can indicate that the querent has reached the end of a difficult journey, and new healthful growth has already begun.

Kookaburra is the energy of conquering fears and in turn, ending old patterns that aren't nourishing. If there is a particular habit that you're not happy with, working with kookaburra energy can help to dissolve it.

The Shadow Aspects:
Kookaburra's shadow energy is very confrontational, and can teach harsh and abrasive lessons. Kookaburra teaches us the value of family. We cannot take our children, or our parents for granted, even if they do not seem to 'nourish' us on the surface. Family should be respected no matter what, no matter what arguments take place, no matter how you have been deceived, no matter how you have deceived others. Kookaburra forces you to confront issues relating to 'family,' either by constantly bringing family drama to the surface, or by highlighting how lonely you feel without a strong sense of what it is to have a family.

Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Kookaburra energy - particularly in Australia - is quite forthcoming and bold, and while it may be an easy energy to 'contact,' kookaburra is not always an easy guide to communicate with! In my own spiritual encounters, kookaburra can be quite harsh and clipped, delivering short (and sometimes cryptic) messages. However, this will change depending on what kookaburra is trying to teach you! Remember to be respectful, kookaburra is a predator, and has a very proud energy.

[link to www.wildspeak.com]
 Quoting: Xenophon

Hey Xen, good to see you back. Itís funny that you mention kookaburras because yesterday I was visited by two in my backyard, and they gave me quite a good laughing, then they left just as fast as they appeared, and this morning I have the regular appearance of a family of magpies including their young singing in the sunlight what a fantastic song.

 Quoting: sounds

I love Australian wildlife they are so diverse. Is the magpie the bird that like to make its' nest out of shiny objects, if not which bird is it? I really am interested in it.
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