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Message Subject An unlikely alliance has been formed - the parasites are extinct - the blue bell rings
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
yes I think it's magpies that are usually associated with the "stealing shiny" syndrome :D

fresh off wikipedia.
"the Magpie has long been associated with a habit of stealing or otherwise collecting shiny objects, however this urban myth has no evidence in wildlife studies."

"Magpies are believed to be one of the most intelligent of all animals"

it's a beautifull bird, got alot of them here, pretty to look at, but their song is not so pretty hehe.
To be fair about the intelligens, I think most animals have way more intelligense than we give them credit for, were just too stupid to give it value based on their adaptation and environment, and we base it off some values we have invented and forced on every other environment.
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