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Message Subject An unlikely alliance has been formed - the parasites are extinct - the blue bell rings
Poster Handle pyx
Post Content
I believe in fighting the good fight and all, but all of this inside information and a bulking of an alliance, why is every thing you say so vague and cryptic? Everything sounds like interpretive nuggets of light>dark wisdom that actually doesn't say much and involves a lot of repetition.

A strong troop is an informed and well networked troop. Information and well-being does not flourish with sparkly fragmented cliches without the understanding to fill in the blanks and make it understood to the audience. There is a lot of church-like repetition in this regard. It might be new knowledge for the bulk of them, but it doesn't mean it would be lost with at least some sort of attempt at cohesiveness.

It is being presented too much, too cult-like, with a mentality that you should follow but ask too many questions between the lines then you must be one of them. Genuine discussion shouldn't make the one who has the answers so weary. It seems like a defense mechanism for an underlying lack of understanding but a grandiose desire to be part of something bigger than some random abstract nuggets that may or may not be exaggerated at best. The "parasites" also operate on their targets with similar fragmentation.

Never trust anyone who claims to understand this stuff (these boards are full of these claims). You can tell the difference between that and a genuine admission of ignorance yet genuine desire to make real sense of these things.
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