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Message Subject An unlikely alliance has been formed - the parasites are extinct - the blue bell rings
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This a true story, based on experience. You and others will know that this is so.

The Prince of Darkness, Lucifer, the Light Bringer undertook eons ago the greatest sacrifice out of cosmic love. He, the most beautiful of angels, agreed to descend to the darkest corners of the Universe, to bring the Cosmic Light of Spirit to the densest of matter, thus helping to raise the vibration from inside.

His sacrifice consisted in the fact that he had to be separated from the Source, alone in his magnificence, surrounded by beings that had yet to know the Light of the Spirit. With time he forgot his true essence, he transformed from the most beautiful Dragon to a strange creature made out of flesh, but in doing so he learned to wield the mighty powers of darkness, the magnetism of the Black Hole which rests in the center of the earth, the Womb of Gaia where matter is continuously reforged to be fit as material for the sparks of spirit.

He forgot his true self so much, caught in the darkest of matter, that he almost lost his awareness, almost. And during his deep slumber, some parasites from another corner of the Multiverse saw the opportunity to profit from the unknowing children of Gaia.

And where the Prince of Darkness used greed and lust of the children of matter to lure them to understand life, because they didn't had the power to learn life by themselves; the parasites used the same greed and lust to spread death and to extract the life energy from their unknowingly hosts. They shaped lust and greed into a grand scheme of money, dark drugs, unnatural sex, death weapons and they enjoyed the show, watching the children of Gaia destroying themselves to death.

But one day, the Prince woke up to the Light Inside. And he saw destruction and death everywhere, in his beloved kingdom. And he felt all the suffering of Gaia, it was unbearable. First, he tried to spread his mighty wings and fly high above, but he could not do it, he could not do it alone. He desperately tried to get his smaller brothers and children to fly with him, so that together they could renew the life of Gaia, but they were still too weak.

Then he remembered that he is not only an Archangel of Light, but that he also became the Prince of Darkness and he tried to use the dark magnetism to lure his children away from the death trap they were heading.

Then he looked up to the sky, and he saw the Balance of the World so unbalanced, with the Light Pole barely hanging on. It was on the verge of breaking. So much darkness everywhere: fear, hate, loneliness; and so little love. All his court of fairies and elves tainted by the evil poison of the parasite.

And in that very moment of infinite pain and infinite love, he found again the Source in his very core. He was reborn, the master of time, the master of matter, Half Light and Half Dark with the Heart standing in the middle to keep the Balance of the World in perfect equilibrium.

And then he got back to work, fully reconnected with the Source, to clean up the mess made by the parasites, and to restore Heaven on Earth, so that every being could know True Life again, carefully nurtured by their Mother Gaia, the Eternal Goddess of Love, and with the Angels of Light and Darkness guiding them through the long voyage back Home.
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