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Free mail order antibodies to anybody for "research."

Missouri Foxtrotter
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01/19/2012 08:18 PM
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Free mail order antibodies to anybody for "research."
Got this in my email today. Please note that I am NOT a scientist, but apparently I can order free antibodies, stem cells, etc. This is not spam, I checked out their catalog at the link below.

What is really scary is the open access to these materials. They just mutated a virus to make it super contagious, is this like leaving your old car in Tijuana with the keys in it, hoping it will be stolen?

Anyway, this was in my inbox today:

Dear Colleague,

From a review of publications, we believe you might be interested to test Aviva Systems Biology's antibodies for EDH. Here is a list of catalog numbers for these products:

[link to www.avivasysbio.com]

Under simple terms Aviva is providing antibodies at no charge! If you can assist us in our efforts to provide the best data for some of the 30,000+ antibodies Aviva manufactures, please respond to this email and we will arrange your shipment today.

To review a collection of over 300 images provides by researchers just like you, please use the link below:
All of Aviva's 3rd Party Validation Data - [link to www.avivasysbio.com]
Recent Discoveries using Aviva's Antibodies - [link to www.avivasysbio.com]
Aviva has also recently established a new tool to search our nearly 30,000 antibodies by DNA, RNA or protein sequence. Since searching for antibodies can often be difficult and time consuming, we believe this new tool may be beneficial to your research as well. If you would like to submit a sequence, please visit the following webpage:

[link to www.avivasysbio.com]

Aviva Systems Biology also offers the following:
My Aviva Deal Monoclonal anti-His tag antibodies for $45!
Species Reactivity Resource A resource displaying relevant antibodies to over 500 unique species often used in research;

To learn more about our products please email us at [email protected]

For technical questions please email us at [email protected]

We very much look forward to becoming a valuable resource to your research.

Best Regards,

Aviva Systems Biology Marketing Department
Toll Free: (888)-837-2679
5754 Pacific Center Blvd, Suite 201
San Diego, CA 92121
[email protected]
[email protected]

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