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What is it with David Muir of ABC News?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 9122733
United States
01/19/2012 08:56 PM
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What is it with David Muir of ABC News?
In fact, what is it with the ABC News infotainment nightly broadcast? Who is running this thing?

Diane Sawyer, who seems to be shocked and apalled about absolutely everything, and her lips puffed up with plastic surgery.....please!

David Muir looks like he stepped out of the pages of GQ magazine but he's no Walter Cronkite, that's for sure. Or Dan Rather. He seems to have all the right emotional reactions but it's hard to accept him as a serious newscaster since he appears to be about 30 years old. Are we supposed to look forward to looking at him for the next 40 years? And why does ABC think we want such an annoyingly cloying show? And why David's head three times the size of a normal human's?