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The truth about SOPA and PIPA (Not something you already know)!

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01/20/2012 05:55 PM
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The truth about SOPA and PIPA (Not something you already know)!
You always know thereís something fishy going on when the public is in a mass uproar about something the 'government' could have easily hidden under a rock.

SOPA and PIPA have been big news around the world, and for good reason. Iím not saying they are not important things to put an end to, but reality is this is the least of our problems.

I believe the bill has been released in order to distract us from some even more worrying events of recent time.
There are three things I consider them to be a possible distraction for:

1. The indefinite detention bill. Iím sure most of you would agree that it is about one million times more scary and unconstitutional then SOPA and PIPA. Yet people didnít really seem to care about the prospect of being incarcerated for life without charged and tortured in unimaginable ways.. But hey at least you have your repeats of family guy on a constant stream. I donít mean to scare you, but if you get locked up in jail for the rest of your life youíre probably not going to be able to watch new episodes of Arrested Development for free anymore. Bare in mind these wouldnít be your everyday prisons.

2. Itís an election year, so that always poses some questions. I donít think that we actually have a vote in who becomes president, but to make us accept their decision we either have to like someone or hate the other guy.

I just thought people were getting a little carried away. Iím glad we stopped the bill passing, but it will be back soon enough in the 700th page of some 2000 page bill.

Keep your eyes on the real issues.


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