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Message Subject Why are unusually high numbers of reactor operators failing licensing tests at Plant Vogtle?
Poster Handle thebluestlight
Post Content
Probably because the training isn't as rigorous as it should be.

Or maybe they're hiring redneck meth addicts who can't pay attention, even if you pay them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 373696

Interesting you bring the locals into it.

[link to www.thegrio.com]

"Environmental racism occurs when hazardous industries and facilities are placed in and near poor, minority communities. Because the resultant pollution from such installations is a cost usually paid by the immediate environment and community affected, the fall out of environmental racism is the localization of those costs in areas with the least political clout.

But some residents are asking, if nuclear reactors are really economic shots in the arm, why is Burke County still one of the poorest corners of the state a quarter century after Southern Company brought its first pair of local reactors online in 1987?

They also want to know:

If the old and new reactors will be safe, why won't Southern Company or the federal government pay to monitor radiation levels in Burke County?

And most of all, why are cancer rates more than 50 percent higher in communities near existing reactors, according to the Centers for Disease Control?

"We don't have the best educations, but we can read and we can count," continues Stephens regarding her observations. "We know that since 2004 there has been no testing of our water, soil or air for radiation.

We drink the water, we bathe in it and wash dishes and clothes in it. We know every family has cancer... and that can't be normal, that can't be right. We know way too many are sick with cancer and we know why. But we can't prove it absolutely, because nobody will test the local air or water or anything else for the radiation we know is there.

"We've had meetings and protests and lots of promises and more meetings," Stephens said."
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