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Government military contractors, construction contractors stealing all our money.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/28/2012 01:55 PM
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Government military contractors, construction contractors stealing all our money.
These military contractors and the construction contractors who get 90% of the trillion dollar stimulus bill have GOT to be brought to justice for the trillions of dollars they steal from the public.

We need laws which will prevent them from ripping everyone off, in public sector contracts AND private sector contracts

In the private sector, if you have a 'cost overrun', that's called 'going out of business'. In the public sector, it's called 'getting more money'. if you do not complete a job on time in the private sector, it's called 'you're fired', in the public sector it's called 'taking your time'. They are time thieves as well as cost over run thiefs.

The F-35 was milked for 300 billion in cost over-runs and they aren't even done yet.

We need to make sure, these people do NOT get any more money from the American people. The more money they get the more they are building underground bomb shelters, and really getting serious about the idea of just killing us all.

The Solution

1) You do NOT get any cost over-runs. If you do not fullfill the contract, for the money allotted, you are in violation of the contract, and will be sued, to recover the time and money you wasted, and then a new contractor will be brought in to finish the job.

2) there are no time extensions, if you do not get the job done in time, you are fired, and you are in violation of the contract. You will be sued and fined for the amount it costs to bring in a new contractor to finish the job.